Simultaneous interpreting

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Simultaneous interpreting at a large conference in Vienna.

Simultaneous interpreting, also known as conference interpreting in our industry, is interpreting from one language into another as the speaker shares his or her thoughts. This mode of interpreting is mostly used at conferences. Simultaneous interpreters take

turns and work in teams of two. Simultaneous interpreting has been likened to high-endurance sport for your mind, and quite rightly so. It involves grasping the meaning of a spoken text delivered in the source language (e.g. Spanish), processing the meaning and finding the right words to express that very meaning in the target language (which might be Spanish), all within just a few seconds. While this might border on witchcraft for the non-initiated, it can be learned through rigorous training and constant practice, but presupposes a certain degree of talent.

When planning events with international attendants, it is imperative to rely on professional interpreters to allow for successful communication processes – and to hire their services in a timely manner. After all, we are all more comfortable expressing ourselves in our native language. This is where interpreters come in: we build bridges between languages and cultures while adhering to very strict professional standards, most and foremost confidentiality and impartiality.