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I’ve been working for Fortune 500 companies as well as for SME in Austria, Europe, and the US for almost 15 years. Here is a small selection of my happy translation/interpreting/editing/copywriting clients:

Austrian Postal Service:

UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization):

UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime):

Austrian President’s Office:

University of Vienna:

Editel, an Austrian IT company:

Bundy & Bundy, an Austrian hair salon chain:

Vienna Insurance Group:

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting:

NEWS publishing group:

Las Vegas Valley Water District:

Teleton USA:

Barton Hospital:

The embassies of Chile, Peru, Ecuador, etc.

The American side of my company that I run in cooperation with my twin sister and business partner Judy Jenner takes care of most clients in the US and Mexico: